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Palmera was established in 2019 and is now leading a revolutionary transformation of Medjool dates agriculture and industry in Jordan, something we plan to scale to KSA and Egypt in the medium term. Our plans include more global presence beyond our current markets in Europe, Middle East and west Asia as well as increasing retail presence across the globe.

Our approach starts with close planning, group sourcing and operations management in collaboration with our contract farmers through robust agricultural programs, method statements and peer reviews to ensure highest quality of harvest crowned with fair pricing mechanism to farmers.


Palmera managed to develop two agricultural methodologies that reduce moisture of ripe Dates on trees, and minimises the yellow crown defects in arid areas. We also developed accurate statistical models to predict harvest output. We own the best machinery for post harvest management sorting dates based on size, external quality, internal quality and moisture content increasing shelf life and product durability. We are proud to have a number of quality certification such as BRCs, ISO 22000, Halal and Global GAP.


All our shipments are certified to buyers by Bureau Veritas. We provide Non GMO products, all natural and MRL free guaranteed dates and dates related products. 

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